Thursday, May 23, 2013

What I Learned from Life: Day 23 of Blog Every Day in May

We are on day 23 of Blog Every Day in May and today's prompt is things you've learned that school won't teach you.

Here's what I learned from the great teacher called LIFE:

Not all friendships last.  A lot of friendships fade away.  When I was in school, I thought I'd have my friends beside me as I went from one crossroad of life to another.  Our husbands would be friends and our children would be friends.  I was so wrong.  That's not the way life works.  As you go thru life's changes, you change and your friends change too.  And sometimes these changes are so big that no matter how hard you try to keep in touch, there will come a point when you'd look into your friend's eyes and you'd realize you don't know her anymore.

The world can sometimes be a cruel place.  There are bullies in school but no one ever told me they'd be in the workplace too!  There are power struggles, intrigues, serious boot licking, etc. etc.  The worst thing is, not everyone plays fair and you can't run to your mom every time you have a problem.  You have to fight your own battles.

You cannot control everything.  There is at least a sense of control when you are in school.  If you want to have a good grade, a perfect score, you simply study hard and most of the time, you get it.  Out in the real world, there are very few things you can control.  There are a lot of factors that come into play -- your family life, your co-workers, subordinates, superiors, traffic, finances, and even strangers.

A college diploma does not guarantee a good life.  Our teachers used to tell us that we had to study hard and finish college so that we could have a good life.  I learned that a college diploma is not a guarantee.  It is merely a passport to a world of opportunities.  If you want the good life, you need a ticket.  And that ticket is composed of different things such as hard work, perseverance, passion, commitment and courage.  I remember teachers mentioning hard work and perseverance as essential values that one has to have but no one ever mentioned courage.  I am learning the hard way that that is what I need.  I have to  dare to face my fears of failure, rejection and of many other things.  I have to dare to be the best I can be.  Otherwise, I'd just be like someone who dreams of travelling, gets a passport but is afraid to fly.

What about you? What has life taught you?  Link up at Jenni's and tell us.


  1. Friendships are something I seriously had to learn abot towards the end of college and after I graduated. A few died off and I was upset and heartbroken over this. Looking back I realzie that it really was for the best and I am in a better place now.

    Don't even get me started on realizing that I can't control everyting. I'm just gonna sit here with my coffee and pretend I can.

  2. You can't control everything. This is soooo me!!

  3. So really good life lesson here. I particularly like the one about realising that even in the workplace there can be bullying (something I experienced) and that you cannot control everything (something I learned through my long distance marriage). I understand what you mean about not all friendships lasting - most do change and disperse through time but occassionally you meet someone in your life who you connect with on a different level. I found this with my best friend. We met when we were 5/6 years old and are still close, loyal besties after 28 years.
    Great post! Thank you for your comment on my blog (about my redhead rant)!
    ♡ Molly

  4. The one about friendships really hit home for me. It's taken me a long time to understand and accept that it's okay if not all of my friendships ate lifetime ones. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  5. Very well said. The college diploma being a passport to life and not necessarily a guarantee to a successful future is so true. I can remember teachers repeatedly stressed that a good life is achieved when we finish school. There was so much emphasis on high grades as well and the virtue of hard work and perseverance. Yes, nobody said anything about taking risks, commitment and the wisdom of recognizing opportunities as the key to get there. :) I think this would be a great topic for graduation speeches from Alumni peeps.


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