Friday, May 31, 2013

Vivid Memory: Day 31 of Blog Every Day in May

Today is the last day of the Blog Every Day in May challenge and the last prompt is a vivid memory.

I have so many vivid memories that I was actually not sure if I wanted to choose one and write about it.  Sometimes I'm weird like that, I get lazy to make those kinds choices.  But I decided to finish the challenge with you guys so here I am.

I am just going to tell you my most recent vivid memory -- a moment on my wedding day.

While I waited inside the car, my friend, Niki saw me, opened the car door and said, "I hate you, ang ganda mo!"  (I hate you, you're so beautiful!)  

I don't know why but the minute she said it, the floodgates opened and the tears started streaming down my cheeks.  I couldn't stop them.  Nikki had to go in and wait with me.  I cried and laughed and cried and laughed and cried again.  I didn't even know exactly the reason I was crying at the time and I still don't.  Whenever Nikki tried to tell me something, I'd start crying all over again.  It was crazy.

The driver, a man probably in her early 50's turned to look at me.   I think he was a romantic because of the way he smiled at what was going on.  He said that he encountered a lot of brides who forced themselves to cry while I, on the other hand, just couldn't stop.  He handed me a box of tissue paper so I could dry my tears and blow my nose.  That was just fortunate because the tissue paper I had in my pouch was all wet and soggy.

Needless to say, I ruined my eye makeup before I even marched down the aisle.   I was lucky my makeup artist was there and did something about it.

Sorry, I don't have a photo of this moment  My photographers were too busy doing something else.

I have something taken probably five or ten minutes after.

That's me and my friend, Nikki after my makeup artist retouched my makeup.

and me, marching down the aisle...
What's your vivid memory? Head over to Jenni's to check out other stories like this.

And to Jenni, thank you for a great challenge. I had a wonderful time writing and reading what others have written.


  1. I love your bouquet and dress!! Thanks for stopping by the blog and for sharing such a touching memory from your special day.

  2. I can see why this is such a vivid memory for you - what a lovely bride you were! The pictures are so beautiful and so are you!

  3. Aw! Isn't it funny the things that will get us emotional?

  4. You both look so blissfully happy in your wedding photo. You're such a beautiful bride.

  5. You look so beautiful!! That is a precious memory you have! :)

  6. You are so beautiful! What a great memory, and your make up artist seems like a really lovely person (mine told me that I had terrible eye brows, terrible skin, and that my VERY curly hair wasn't that curly...she wasn't my favourite person).

  7. What a beautiful bride you were! I am happy to have met you through this challenge. Come join us for the June challenge

  8. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful moment of your wedding day! I was sooooo happy on my wedding day I just couldn't wipe my smile off my face.

    1. I felt the same way! My groom and I couldnt stop smiling! Thanks for dropping by.


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