Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Songs of My Life: Day 29 of Blog Every Day in May

Today's Blog Every Day in May prompt is five songs that speak to you or bring back memories.

When  I was planning my wedding I asked one of my friends if she knew of a nice song I could use for the wedding.  And she suggested this.  I listened to it and I was sold.  Sounded like it was written for me!

Ever Ever After was the song we used for our wedding reception entrance.  We also used it in our wedding audio visual presentation. So every time I hear it now I feel a certain kind of bliss inside.

This may sound weird but Ruel and I woke up before 5 am on the morning after our wedding and we watched the movie Tangled on DVD.   This song has since been one of my favorites. It always gives me a light, happy feeling.

We watched it against the backdrop of the rising sun for the TV was right in front of the window which gave us a 180 degrees view of this...

I took this from behind the glass window.

 I've always loved this song so I was really so happy when three of my young friends form Brigadoon sang it for us during our wedding reception.

Sorry but I could only think of four songs right now.

What about you? What songs speak to you or bring back memories?


  1. These are great songs. I have all of mine posted too.

  2. So fun that so many of your favorite songs bring back memories of your wedding! Wedding songs are just so hard to pick, but you picked some great ones!

  3. I had a Carrie Underwood phase where I played her songs (full album) non stop. Bless the Broken Road is such a sweet song.

    1. I can understand that. I love her voice.

  4. ahh i love the grow old with you song! :)

  5. Grow Old With You is such a sweet song!!! Love that movie!


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