Friday, May 24, 2013

Confessions : Day 23 of Blog Every Day in May

I guess it's time for the ugly truth about myself.  Prompt for today's Blog Every Day in May challenge is your top three worst traits.

As embarrassing as it is, here they are.

1. I am always afraid.  When going up a flight of stairs, I always have to hold on to the banister.  
   When I get inside an elevator or when I ride in amusement park rides, or any ride at all,  half of my 
   brain would always be on the possible accidents that might happen.  When I'm in a mall or movie 
   theater, half of my brain would always be thinking of "what if's" and they'd always be in the
   negative. Oh, I'm even afraid to type examples of my negative "what if's".  When I'm 
   walking on wet pavement, I'm always afraid of slipping and falling.  When I'm in a wet market, I'm 
   always afraid that the guys holding the chopping knives would suddenly start fighting.  I very 
   seldom take risks. I'm afraid of   failure and rejection, and just about everything else.

                                                          Source: via Marie Claire on Pinterest

2. I procrastinate too often.  When there's work to be done and I know there's still time, I usually wait
    until the last minute before I get up and actually do it.

                                                                                 Source: via Marie Claire on Pinterest

3. I am oftentimes lazy.  This is embarrassing but it is true.  My idea of fun is staying in bed all day
    and/or watching TV all day. And well..I always want to have fun.

                                                                         Source: via Marie Claire on Pinterest

Oh my! I've realized they make the worst package!  No wonder I never get anywhere in life!

I wish  I didn't put myself in such a bad light here.  What are your three worst traits?

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  1. I'm loving the picture of the cat, it really made me laugh! X

  2. The procrastination image is funny. They say procrastination is a product of perfectionism. I sometimes put off things I'm usually feeling anxious to do. Hope you had a great weekend, Claire :)

  3. I have some of these same problems!


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