Monday, May 27, 2013

Dear Blog Readers : Day 27 of Blog Every Day in May

To my dearest readers,

Writing for today's prompt, a letter to your readers, gives me a great opportunity to thank you.
I know I am not much of a writer, not much of a storyteller, not much of a cook, not much of a crafter, and not much of a photographer.  My life is not that interesting and for the few times that it is, I usually leave the juicy part out, for fear of having people I personally know read it, or for fear of hurting someone close to me or to my family.  I do not write about fashion or makeup. I do not offer giveaways.  Despite the things I seem to lack as a blogger, you have continued to visit.  For that I thank you.

When I was a teenager, I used to write about my life, my thoughts and feelings in a secret notebook.  I used to pretend I was writing to a friend named Dyna as I always started every entry with, "Dear Dyna".  However, Dyna was not real and therefore could not answer my questions, could not say anything for me to know that what I felt was normal and okay, or that someone understood.  I stopped writing to Dyna more than two decades ago.  I still write about my life and my thoughts at least thrice a week hoping one of you could find my secret notebook, answer the questions of my heart or just leave a kind comment and usually, you do.  Your comments always lift my spirits.  They're actually one of the things I look forward to every day.

So again, a big thank you to all of you.  I have visited everyone who has ever left a comment and I am very thankful for the opportunity to have a glimpse of your world, and to somehow know that there are people out there, people who may not be of the same culture , who may not have the same coloring as I have, but people who are a lot like me in many aspects.  You have found my secret notebook and because of that, I know I am not alone.


  1. Hi, thanks for the nice post. I enjoyed reading about you today. I used to have a dairy too, but I was not as creative. It was "Dear Diary" for my or just "Hi." :)

  2. First time to bump in to a Pinoy blogger on the linkup! Adding you to my reading list!

    <3 Gab


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