Sunday, May 27, 2012

Some Ramblings About Rain

I have yet to see someone who loves rainy days.

I know there's got to be rain.  Rain is important.  Crops need the rain.

But I still don't like  rain.  And  I hate the rainy season.

I hate cloudy skies.  They make me feel sad.

In our country, rainy season means flooded streets and heavy traffic.

I often have to postpone or cancel shopping trips, or dates because of strong rains.

I loathe having to walk on puddles.

I hate walking in the rain and having these tiny brown dots (from dirty rain water) on the back of my legs.

(The only time I like walking in the rain is when I share an umbrella with my boyfriend.)

I hate going home alone when it's raining.

For some reason, rain does not at all make me feel safe.

I'm totally scared of typhoons.

Thunder and lightning frighten  me.

Howling winds frighten me twice as much!

Typhoons keep me awake at night, worrying about my friends and loved ones.

I guess the rainy season should have a special place in my heart.  I was born in the middle of a typhoon.  I also gave birth to my son in the middle of one.

But somehow, I cannot find it in my heart to embrace the rainy season.

Honestly, it stresses me a lot!

And the fact that my mom is just as scared as I am does not help at all!

The worst part of it all is that, there are only two seasons in the Philippines--the wet season (that's when there are plenty of rains) and the dry season (January to May)  and I am not specially fond of the April and May because of the scorching heat.

I guess the only season I love is the Christmas season which does not even have anything to do with the weather.

And last year, December was still a rainy month! I hope it would be different this year.

I'm really hoping for clear weather from end of November till December 5.

I'm getting married  on December 2, 2012 and as of now, that's the only thing I could look forward to that would help me bear this year's rainy months.


  1. been here and returns the favor :) thanks!

  2. Oh wow, I actually LOVE rain! (when I don't have any plans, of course!) I hope that it's sunny and clear around the time of your wedding!!! :)



    1. Wow! Someone who loves rain!

      Thanks for the visit and the warm thoughts for my wedding.

  3. its strange to hate rain..!
    I love rain as my beloved.. I used to merge in to the rail and talked to the rain! Rain is my friend.. and luckily this is a rainy season in homeland..
    But ya you are right when rain caused flood, then thats the best time to hate it..

    1. Hahaha! Really!

      Thanks for visiting again!

      How shall I call you?

  4. Wow! best wishes for you! I hope it'll not rain on your wedding day. Para tuloy naalala ko yun song ni Alanis Morisette "Ironic". Don't worry. You'll be the most beautiful bride ever even if its raining cats and dogs!


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