Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Childhood Treasure

I loved Wonder Woman and I loved pretending to be her.  I used to get  discarded photo negatives from my Dad's small photo studio then  I'd put them around my wrists and pretend to be fighting bullets with them.

One day my grandaunt came home from the States and my family asked me to recite a poem for her.  They said she was going to take a picture of me and give it to Wonder Woman.  The gullible four-year-old that I was  believed them and did what they asked.

A month after my grandaunt left for the States, this came for me in the mail!  My grandaunt said, Wonder Woman was very happy with the picture and decided to give me this thermos. ( It actually came with a lunch box which had been misplaced by my parents and was never found again.)   I was so proud I had a thermos from Wonder Woman!  Silly little me!

This is the only thing I have from my childhood, aside from my pictures.

All my dolls were left behind in the house I grew up in.  I had my View Master till I was 14 but a cousin borrowed it and I never got it back.

That's what makes this thermos such a treasure.  It is the only tangible proof of the innocence of my youth.

Do you have a treasure from your childhood?  I'd really love to know.  I hope you can leave your answer on the comment form.  I'll check out your blog.

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