Saturday, May 19, 2012

Free Comic Book Day

My son and I woke up early today so we could be at the mall by the time it opened at 10:00 am. The reason? Fully Booked was giving away free comic books to all its customers. Ruel picked us up at 9:30 and we were at the mall right before it opened. There was already a long line of people outside the bookstore when we got there. Fortunately, the queue moved quite fast. My son fell in line behind me and Ruel also fell in line after parking the car. In the end, we got three different comic books which left my son satisfied, specially because Ruel bought him a hardbound copy of Superman Reign of Doomsday.

 This was the line of people waiting for their free copy.

Ruel, also waiting in line

My son, showing us his comic book

My son's new treasure, a gift  from Tito Ruel

After going around the bookstore, trying sooooo hard not to buy a new novel, I decided the only way I could go home happy was if I could drink milk tea.

I discovered milk tea during a trip to Singapore.  I loved it so much that ever since, I have always been craving for it.  I probably drink milk tea at least once a week now, sometimes even thrice.

                 mine is the one with pearls

    My son and Ruel read their comic books while they   finished their drink.  I just drank and took pictures.                                    

Our early trip to the mall ended with a quick lunch at KFC.  We then proceeded to my son's school where he practised for a musical show scheduled for tomorrow.  I feel so much like a mom today!

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