Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What I Hate

I know it's weird following your own blog but something definitely went wrong when I tried to click on a follower's name.  I ended up following my own blog and I have absolutely no idea how I can delete my name from the list.  I've tried to but couldn't.

I went to blogger earlier and found it in my native tongue.  I hate it when the web is in my native tongue.  Not that I hate my own language...it's not like that at all.  I love my language! The thing is, things are translated in a funny way and there are things I cannot understand.  Another thing is, when I go online, my mind is on English mode...as in, it automatically does that, and I feel very uncomfortable when I try to navigate my way thru a site when it is in my own language.  The problem is I do not know how to put it back to English. I tried opening blogger in another window but still, it was in Filipino.   I really hate it when this happens.  Anyway, following this line of thinking, I think, I'm going to list down the things I hate.

What I hate:

- long lines

- poor customer service

- sales ladies who follow me around the store

- being asked by a site to type the weird-looking letters and numbers that I see just for them to know I'm not a robot or machine


- other people's wet hands touching me

- people in the malls who do not stop walking or talking while the national anthem is being played at the start of mall hours

- teachers who keep on walking and checking on the students while the national anthem is being sung
 (I think they are worse than the people in the malls.)

- student officers who imitate the teachers, walking around and checking on other students while the national anthem is being sung

- injustice in whatever form
   Sometimes the poor has a tendency to think that they are the only victims of injustice.  What they don't know is the middle income people usually become victims themselves on account of the poor.

- people who ask for money from politicians

- self-righteous people

- people who smile at me and then talk against me behind my back

- not receiving any increase in salary for three years straight while prices of commodities go up almost every other month

-disrespectful students

- establishments who try to cheat senior citizens out of their benefit

- fast drivers

- jeepney drivers who keep on changing lanes

- ordering something based on what it looks in the menu and then getting something which does not in any way look like the one in the menu

- a hero or a heroine dying in the middle of the story....I hate it when this happens...sometimes I just stop reading altogether, specially if the hero and heroine are madly in love.

- those who never lived in the States but who try to talk with an American accent they just learned from TV

- oily serving spoon

- demonstration teaching

- watching a teacher applicant do her demo teaching

- unscheduled meetings which everyone is required to attend....as if school is the only life I have!

- working on a disorganized desk

- organizing my desk....oh well, I have a hard time with that.

I guess that's all I can think of for now. :)



  1. I can so relate to this. I think there are days when you navigate Blogger it is in Filipino. But there are also days that it is not. Haha, you hate demo teaching?

  2. Yep, I hate it, I think most teachers hate it, because it is so unnatural.


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