Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Lunch

Today is Mother's Day, my mom's 38th, my 13th, and my sister's first celebration. This year, we just had a simple celebration in a restaurant we have not been to as a family for years.

    Here's my son with my dad. My son is the pizza lover in the family.  He managed to eat six slices of pizza along with the rest of the meal!

This is my mom, looking old with the gray hair and all, but definitely not in any way less loving.

 Here I am with my sister, who, in my opinion,  is not yet showing any sign of her pregnancy, except for a tiny weeny change in the size of her cheeks.

And this is our family, happily celebrating Mother's Day. My sister said I looked more pregnant in this picture than she did.  Oh well, if it makes her happy.  But honestly, it was just my loose blouse.

Mother's Day has made me feel all nostalgic. I couldn't help but remember my early childhood when my whole existence revolved around two males (Dad and my grandfather ) and two females (Mommy and my grandmother).  To the  two females who loved  me first, and who could ever love me in that manner, I love you! To my grandmother, I hope Jesus tells you I love you. Sorry, I wasn't able to tell you that.

Here I am with my mom.   This pic was taken when 
I turned one year old.

This is my grandma, holding me when I was five months old.

To those moms reading this post, happy Mother's Day to you all!

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