Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Wish

- that there was a law against dog owners who make their dog do number one or number two outside the confines of their own homes

- that the senate would stop hearing cases in aid of legislation and just concentrate on passing legislation
   Sure, I have been thoroughly entertained countless times while watching senate hearings....goodness gracious!    Even the case of Katrina Halili was taken to the senate!  But if the senate continued doing this, then who would do their job?

- that there were more children in school, that public schools had better facilities, that teachers were more equipped and had better lifestyle

   I think that the problem in our educational system lies in the fact that the people in government want our people to stay ignorant.  The politicians want our people to be poorly educated.   If our people were better educated, the politicians would just have to work harder in their respective jobs.  Otherwise, who would vote for them?  The people's ignorance is their key to public office. 

- that I could just ring my things whenever I misplaced them

- that houses could grow floaters when flood water goes waist-high

- that eating chocolates  was healthier
  My son and Ruel just gobble them.  I don't, but I love them just as much.

-that there were more shoes in my size ( I have very, very tiny feet)

- that climate change was reversible

- that I could turn back time, change one thing and then still have all the other things unchanged

- that it was possible to tell dead people that you loved them
  I always regret not having been able to tell my grandparents I loved them.  They died when I was young.

- that plane tickets to Europe were less expensive

- that it was easier to make money

- that I had more money

-that I could travel more, work less, read more, worry less, laugh more, cry less, and spend more time with the people I love

-that there were more romantic comedy movies 

-that people understood that no matter how small or unimportant they thought their job was, what they did or didn't do in relation to their job could affect others in ways they could never imagine

-that teachers had higher salaries and more benefits....Goodness gracious! We deserve them!

- that people in offices, behind counters were much friendlier, much more courteous and smiled more

- that there were no bullies

- that natural calamities only happened in nightmares

- that people cared more for our environment

-that people respected God's creation more

-that we could look young forever

-that people were more tolerant of individual and cultural differences

-that children didn't grow up as  fast as they did

-that there were more sidewalks and that they were wider

-that there was more respect given to teachers

-that Superman really existed

-that I was a better mom

-that more people believed in God

I think this list covers both the possible and the impossible but I wish that the ones that were possible could actually come true.


  1. and i wish...wishes do come true...without hardships hahaha...
    Im amazed with your "about me"
    Im a nurse and turned out to be a teacher now..
    it happened really fast..I was working at the hospital and studying now im going to be a teacher..gosh! its still a dream to me.. i wont believe it unless the classes starts this june :D (haba ng comment)

    1. Thanks for visiting...

      So you want to be a teacher too? It's such a noble job, you get to form minds and mold character. It's no party though.

      Good luck!

  2. Very nice blog site! Wanted to tell you thanks for joining mine at Menopausalmother--I just joined yours as well on your GFC but it appears under the name Marcia Doyle, just so you know it's me! great job here!

    1. Thanks for the visit, Marcia. I enjoyed my visit to your blog as well.

  3. Wow! We have some of the same wishes! New follower! Cute blog!



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