Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rafa's Party and Shopping for My Gown Materials

What a long day this turned out to be!   Had a tiring but great time looking for materials for my bridal gown. I realized it is really better to buy your own materials and just have a good seamstress make the gown.  I only spent 2,000 pesos for the materials, and my gown has three layers!  I  have already bought the beads and sequins but I'll still buy Swarovski crystals for the embellishment on my gown.  I'm budgeting around
Ps. 200 for that.  I'm so happy with my design and the materials I bought!  I can't wait to see my gown!

 The Fabric Warehouse in Libis, Quezon City

     Salesman cutting my frosted organza

       My fiance, my son and I went to attend the seventh birthday of my fiance's best friend's son, right after the trip to the Fabric Warehouse.  Their buffet menu included soup, an appetizer, six dishes for the main course, and different kinds of dessert.

         At Rafa's party at Silver City.  They had a Ferrari Theme.  This is my son beside me.  The stage and the cake are behind us.

 Balloons hanging from the high ceiling!

    My fiance and taken by my son

 I don't know why my son can't smile in front of  the  camera.  He used to smile a lot when he was little.

 Here I am with Rafa, the birthday boy.

  Here we are in front of the stage with Rafa.

The three of us, my fiance, my son and I, went to the mall to do some grocery shopping afterwards. However, since it was a mall, it was inevitable that I would do some window shopping.  Ruel, my fiance bought me a new book (yehey!).  It's a chick-lit by Marian Keyes entitled Anybody Out there.  I'm so excited to read it.  I'm going straight to bed right after I finish this post so I'll read it right after Mass tomorrow.  My son was happy too coz I bought him a comic issue of Superman, one of his obsessions.

It was 9:30 pm after we finished grocery shopping and most of the shops were closed.  I was still craving for milk tea .  Ruel was so sweet to drive us around the area to look for a milk tea shop. To my frustration, only Starbucks was open.  I'm hoping to get some milk tea tomorrow.  As Scarlett O'Hara would say , "for tomorrow is another day".

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