Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Sprinkle of Thoughts on a Wednesday Morning

Good morning world!  According to this laptop, it's 7:47 am yet I am the only one awake in this house.

I am actually still sleepy, having slept at around 3am last night, or shall I say this morning.  My husband and I couldn't sleep.  We had a small issue about who should watch what on DVD.  We ended up having a midnight snack, if you still call it that, at 2:00 am and watching an episode of The Walking Dead afterwards.  I don't get it but he just loves everything about zombies. So, anyway, I'm still sleepy, but I am going to take this opportunity to "write" my thoughts down while he and my son are still asleep.

Today is Labor Day.  That means, I have my husband all to myself!

Mom and Dad are coming. I'm thinking of letting them taste my chicken teriyaki.

I've been thinking of putting a new tab on this blog for my recipes.  Wouldn't you like that?

I love teaching but I hate the politics that comes with it.  Surprised?  Join the club.  I've never been more shocked when I realized there was more politics in the academic world than in the corporate world.  I know, I've been a part of both.

Speaking of politics, election time is near.  While the politicians are campaigning, the voters take advantage of this period to get what they want from the politicians. They ask for money, they make themselves at home at a politician's house, getting everything that's easy to get.  When these politicians get elected, the same voters ask for money for so many things and these politicians can't say no.  Why? Because if they did, nobody would vote for them anymore.  And yet we wonder why so many of them are taking money from public funds! They're getting back what they used in the campaign!  They're getting back what voters got from them! And since politics is their business and no businessman would just want to break even, they're trying to get the earnings of their investment.   So, let's not point our fingers to those in public office. It's so easy for us to let others take the blame.  But believe it or not, we, the voters, are also accountable for what is happening in our society.   We have to help our public officials stay honest.  Let them do their job. Don't ask them  for a dole out.   Know the candidates.  The less campaign materials, the better because the ones who invest more will want to get more.

Do you ever think of yourself as some character in a story?  Like your life is a story in a TV series. Since it's your life, you are the main character, you're the protagonist, right?  But when the conflict becomes man vs. man, sometimes I can't help asking myself, what if I was the villain of the story, and not the protagonist I see myself to be? Do I make any sense at all?

I may see a friend I haven't seen for probably 20 years tomorrow.  I'm excited. I'll let you know how that turns out.

So these are my thoughts.  I'ts 8:45. My son and my husband are still asleep but I am hungry!  Got to get breakfast ready.

Since it's Labor Day, I'll leave you with some work quotes.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Hi..Happy Labor Day and thanks for your comments..

  2. Hi Claire, What a pleasure to find your blog. Thoughtful, well designed, and sharing kindness ... it's exactly the kind of blog I like to follow. Thank you for sharing and for your kind comment on John's Island. Have a great day, John

    1. Thank you for your kind words, John.


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