Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Favorite Parts

"What do you love?" Hannah of CupcakeMumma asked in her blog post entitled, O Is for One Body, Learn to Love It.  It was indeed an inspiring write and I was compelled to type a response.  
As I was typing, I realized my answer was getting too long  I just might as well write a post about it.  So here I am, answering Hannah's question and telling you all about it.

What part of my body do I love?  I actually love every inch of me.  I mean, this is the only body that I have, so every inch is precious. But I must admit that I do have my favorites.

Here they are in no particular order:

My eyes.
There is not a day that I don't marvel at the beauty of God's creation.  My eyes allow me to see the beauty that surrounds me.  They let me see my son, my husband, my family and all the ones I love.

They help me read books that make me laugh or cry or both. 
I have treasured up so many wonderful things in my mind with the help of my eyes.

My teeth.

I love my teeth mostly because of aesthetic reasons.  I mean, someone's looks can really be affected by the teeth.  A baby without teeth is cute but an adult without teeth...well, you know what I mean.

  I consider myself blessed for having strong and nice set of teeth. I didn't even have to get braces.  It seems that they just knew where they were supposed to grow and grew there.  When I was in high school, the school dentist even used me as a model. No cavities, perfectly aligned teeth.  That's how they were.  There was even a time when I thought that the set of teeth I had was my only asset.  So I used to get nightmares of my teeth falling off.

My ears.

They're big and kinda protruding but I love them because without them I won't be able to hear the merry laughter of my son nor the beautiful music that he plays on his violin.  Without them, I won't hear my husband saying "I love you."

My hands and my arms.

My arms are big ( I have gotten too fat) and my hands are small with weirdly shaped fingers but I love my arms and my hands just the same.

I cook, bake, write, type and do all sorts of things with my hands.  With my hands, I touch the ones I love.  With my arms and with my hands, I held my boy when he was a baby, I hugged him when he was scared or sad.  With my arms and with my hands, I hug and embrace the people I love , my mom and my dad, my sister, my son, my husband, my nephew, my friends and even my students.

My feet.

Well, my feet are tiny and they give me a terrible time when I need to buy shoes. Girls have a fun time shopping for shoes.  I don't. It's because my feet are too tiny.  Shoe manufacturers just don't make shoes for adults with feet my size.

However, I can't say I hate my feet.  Without my feet, I wouldn't have been able to go to all the places I have been to.  My feet help me stand and walk and travel so they are very important to me, no matter how tiny they are.

My brain.

My brain stores up wonderful memories, special moments, words spoken, places seen.  It helps me write, read, and process everything.  It helps me think, choose and decide.  It helps me plan and put my plans into action.  It helps me do my job which is to educate young people.

I can't think of another favorite right now.  Of course, I love my heart. It keeps me alive but I thought I didn't have to mention that.

What about you? What's your favorite  part of your body?


  1. How wonderful!! I'm so pleased you wrote this honestly, over the moon. You are so lucky to have those teeth! I had to have braces. Your eyes are very, very pretty. People take their bodies for granted all to often, Thank-you so much for writing this x

  2. Thank you, Hannah for the inspiration.

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  4. My favourite part of my body are my eyes! Do visit my blog!


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