Friday, April 12, 2013

Counting Blessings v. 3

It's time to be thankful  and count my blessings once again.

1. Everyone I love is strong and safe.

2. Even if there's the talk of war in the Korean peninsula, it has not happened....and I hope it never will.  
    The peace we enjoy is just so fragile.  Please join me in praying for peace.

3. I'm almost done with my clearance requirements for the school year. Yay!

4. My sister turned 37 on the 9th.  Her birthday is always a holiday so we were all able to celebrate 
   and have lunch together at Vikings MOA.

    I was not planning to eat a lot because I was already several pounds overweight but when I got  
    there  I saw all the  food, all the will power I thought I had began to dissolve.

one of the desserts I enjoyed there

5. I made sweet and sour fish fillet for dinner the other night and it was a great success!

6. After our trip to Vikings on the 9th, I have been thinking about it a lot and was craving for food.  So,
   Ruel took me on another trip to Vikings, this time at their SM North branch.  We had lunch there with
   my son, Toots, yesterday.  I can say I am not only blessed to eat a Vikings  feast twice in a week but  
   I am also blessed to have a husband who gives in to my whims.

7. After lunch yesterday, we had these photos taken.  This is one of the rare occasions where my son
    enjoyed having his pictures taken. He just loves Spongebob!

Thank you Lord for everything!


  1. I hope there's no war either! All the people.... I feel for them. I will help you pray for peace.

    Aw yay, so glad you had fun on your sister's birthday! and thank you for sharing your family photos with all of us. they are very special.

    have a great weekend! :D God bless!

  2. There really is no way but to be grateful with all the things we received. Jealous of your sis' birthday.


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