Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wishing It Was Still Christmas

Christmas is over. We won't be putting away the trimmings and decorations till the Feast of the Three Kings but all the excitement of the Holidays has definitely gone down.  Christmas has come and gone and I didn't even feel it.  It makes me so sad!  This is my favorite time of the year, and every year I always stop to feel Christmas.  This year,  I didn't feel anything!  To think, it should have been so much nicer this year!  I was expecting it to be so much nicer because this was my first Christmas with my husband.

I usually start feeling Christmas in November. I usually put up the tree on the second week of November.  This year, I was busy planning my wedding which was held on the second of December.  After the wedding, one would think I'd have the time to "feel" Christmas.  No, the series of events at work, the crazy time I had trying to adjust to my new situation, the things I had to do to fix our home topped by the fact that my sister gave birth on the tenth of December (this made everything even more crazier) made me numb to all of the festivities all around me.  In fact, I think it was only on the 21st of December when I realized how near Christmas was.

I only put up the tree on the 16th of December and only shopped for Christmas presents on the 22nd!

I don't want Christmas to be over but it is and I have to wait another year to feel that different kind of happy feeling one gets every Christmastime!

Today Ruel, Toots and I went to a mall in Makati to do some shopping and I was just so happy to see so how beautifully it was dressed up for the Holidays! I just had to stop and take pictures!

so pretty!

They had these moving pandas in one part of the mall,

... moving tigers
...and moving polar bears.

  The highlight of the shopping trip was not the shopping at all.

   It was finding this!

     Who could say no to some good old gelato?!

          Definitely not my two boys!

     And certainly not me !

So basically, that's how I spent my afternoon today!  Looking for clothes, eating ice cream and wishing it was still Christmas.

I know, you probably think it's weird. All the other bloggers have moved on to a new topic and I'm still talking about Christmas! Well, got to be me!

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  1. You look so put together as a family! Hope you stay in christmas spirit all year through..


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