Monday, January 28, 2013

This Weekend, I...v. 8

It's a happy Monday today because we didn't have work.

We went to work last Saturday and yesterday and since we were all entitled to one rest day a week, the school gave us this Monday off.

I'm a actually sad at the moment because Monday is almost over and I'd have to go to back to work tomorrow.  I also have to stay up to 7pm in school since we will be having our first stage rehearsal for Beauty and the Beast.  If it weren't for the classes I'd be so excited about tomorrow.

Anyway, for the recap of my weekend, I'm linking up again with Sar and Syndal for another This Weekend, I...

This weekend I, took pictures of our field demonstration.
during the parade...the kids represented different island nations in the Carribean

This weekend, I  enjoyed these a lot!  Yum!

This weekend I, played with my nephew.  I was able to make him smile more than a couple of times and I kept him awake for two hours!!!  Precious time!

And that's my weekend.  How was yours?

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