Sunday, January 13, 2013

Some Mango Cheer

This is just a happy weekend. 

Yes, I had to check formal and informal themes and do other  teacher stuff , play the part of wife, mother and daughter, which means I was as busy as a bee.  

Nothing can take the smile off my face!

Because of these!

kaings of mangoes from the mango farm we inherited from our grandpa
 We have mangoes from our family's mango farm!  After selling the majority to the wholesalers, we have eleven kaings left.  Yes, that's eleven kaings of pure heavenly goodness!  They are Zambales mangoes and to me, no other variety is sweeter! Everytime I eat our mangoes.  I thank God that I am alive. Really, no kidding.  They have that effect on me.  I always think I'm so lucky I could eat them!

So, I am just excited to eat them just as they are when they are ripe and I am excited to make a mango float refrigerator cake!  Ooooh! Yummy!  I sing every time I make it.  It's just pure happiness for me!  I think I have to replenish my stock of Nestle Cream and Milkmaid Condensed Milk!  I'm also excited to make mango jubilee, that's ripe mangoes with nata de coco and cream and milk!

Now that the mangoes are still green, my mom and I were just so excited to eat some pickled mangoes!  We pickled some of them today! Our recipe is just sooo good.  I promise to post it soon.

Don't worry friends, I will be sharing with you the recipes for the pickled mangoes, mango float ref cake and the mango jubilee.

Meanwhile, I'll see if I can eat mangga't bagoong!

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