Friday, January 25, 2013

Roses and Thorns v. 1


It's Friday and that makes me happy.


I have to go to school tomorrow and on Sunday for our university fair, and field demonstration.  That just sucks.


We finally finished preparing for our yearly exhibit.  We had the ribbon cutting ceremony today, preceded by the blessing of the exhibit by our resident priest.

This year's theme is "Faith Is Completed in Works."

That's me with the camera. I was the official photographer for the event. However, the pics I have posted are the ones I took using my phone.


I am still tired from all the work we did this week.

Here are the teachers setting up the exhibit.

Here are other pics  taken last night before we opened and today after the ribbon cutting.

These are the angel projects of the third graders. They used Coke bottles for the bodies and newspapers to cover the bottles.

            The following are preschool projects.   I thought they were so cute.

Here are some of the kids and parents who visited the exhibit this afternoon.

Let me end this post with another rose.

Since we have to be in school tomorrow and on Sunday, our university president gave us Monday off.  I plan to just stay in bed all day.   I haven't done that for a very looooooooooong time.  It would be so nice to do it again!

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