Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wedding Pictures (raw) Part II

I promised you all that I would post more wedding pictures. So, here they are...I hope you wouldn't get too bored. I have a lot  in this post and I have a lot  more coming in my next post. A cousin of mine who lives in Malaysia is requesting for a lot of pictures and I have promised her I would post a lot. So I hope the pictures won't bore you.

Here I am rushing out of the villa.  This was around 1:35 pm.  The wedding was at 2pm.  Good thing the church was just five minutes away.  The guy with the knapsack is my friend and emcee who just arrived at the villa.  No, he didn't attend the wedding dressed like that.  He changed after his arrival.  We were one and a half hours away from the city so a lot of my guests either spent the night before the wedding in Tagaytay, or changed at the villa.

As you can see, I am short.  And I couldn't wear really high heels!  Can't stand them.  I wore shoes with two-inch heels.

The guy in the middle is my groom. I think you all know him by now.  Here he is with his dad, his brother and his mom who spent a lot of time crying....I think we have something in common. :)

Here is my son.  Don't know why he looks so serious!

Here I am after crying for a while inside the car.  The crying actually smudged my eye makeup.  I don't know why I cried. The moment  my friend, Niki opened the car door to wait with me inside, I started crying.  It was I guess mixed emotions.  I cried and then I stopped, cried once more and stopped again and then cried again before I finally had to get out of the car for my turn to march.  I marched alone for a few yards and then met my parents.

Here I am, asking for my dad's blessing....

...and then my mom's. And no, the woman with the glasses is not a guest.  She's the church coordinator. 

Now, I'm marching with my parents.

Here I am asking for the blessing of my mother-in-law who was waiting for me with Ruel at the altar.
I loved how the baby's breath turned out.  Simple but lovely.

Here's my son, playing the violin.  The organist and the singers are all my friends.

My friend, Jessica and Ruel's brother-in-law clothed  us as one with the secondary veil.  The veil should cover my head and but should only cover Ruel's shoulders.  It signifies my submission to my husband.

Ruel's best friend, Ronald,  and my cousin, Laura were the cord sponsors who tied us as one.

I wouldn't have posted this picture if not for the reaction of the priest.  I loved it!  He seemed so happy for us, don't you think?

Here I am with my son back at the villa before we finally went to the reception area. He loves making faces instead of smiling at the camera.  

That's my sister beside me. She was still pregnant at the time.

I will post the reception pictures next time.  Goodness! The connection is just too slooooow!  Stay tuned for the next batch of pics.


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    1. Thanks so much! I can't seem to go to your blog by clicking on your name.

  2. Did you lose weight? you`re so cute in the pics. Your son, you must be very proud of him. At ang tangkad pala nya. Looks like he`s the one who handed you to your husband. Best wishes!

  3. Thanks!

    Yes, I lost a lot of weight before the wedding, not because I was dieting but because of I was sleeping later than usual. But I think I am slowly gaining it back because of the holidays.

    And yes, I am very proud of my son. He played very nicely during the Mass. My parents gave me away to my husband. My son was the best man.

    I have posted more pictures taken during the reception. You might want to take a look. :)

  4. What a beautiful wedding you had. You all look so lovely. x


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