Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our Wedding and Some Raw Wedding Pics Part I

Up to now I still do not know how to go about telling the story of our wedding but I figured that I had to tell it now because if I didn't do it today, the story would already go stale and I didn't want that.

So let me just start where I left you hanging last time.

Back to the surprise....

I remember telling you about how my sister could not attend the wedding because she was pregnant with her first child after eight years of waiting, and she and her husband did not want to risk going too far from the city on the month when she was scheduled to give birth.  I was very disappointed with that news because she was my only sister  (the only sibling I have, in fact) and I couldn't imagine getting married without her.  

It's really now back to the surprise...

There was a knock on our door somewhere between 12:30 to 1:00 am.  I was so surprised when I opened it and I saw my sister and her husband standing there!  (Oh, maybe not SO surprised, just surprised...because I was kind of hoping they would still change their mind about not going.)   

So as you may guess, I didn't get to sleep until it was almost 2am!  So much for my beauty sleep!

I had a very light sleep which had to end at 5 in the morning when my phone rang. It was my makeup artist telling me that he and his assistants were already in front of the villa!  

As you can imagine, I was not able to sleep anymore after that.  I had to start the day early even if the wedding was still at 2:00 pm.  Maybe you are all wondering why the makeup artists arrived so early.  Usually, the ones who do the makeup and the photographers really start four to five hours before the wedding.  But that day we were all expecting heavy traffic in Tagaytay because there was a scheduled marathon that would start at 4am and end at 4pm.

And then the stress began...

At 8am it started raining and I got all stressed out! I cancelled the tent the day before because I saw that the weather there was sunny and because we have been praying for good weather and I believed that since everyone was praying for it, we would be given what we were asking for.  And I just couldn't believe what was happening!  I called my friends and asked for more prayers.  There was actually no wind but it was stronger than just drizzle.  It was more of a shower which luckily ended during the ceremony.

Anyway, while it was all cloudy and wet outside, the photographers were taking these pics.

                             my shoes and the Taal Lake / Taal Volcano

the dress I designed

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The reception area is what's behind the glass window.

our rings

I guess I have to leave you hanging again because it's almost eleven pm and I have to go sleep.  I promise more pics next time!


  1. You made a beautiful bride. Loved the pictures, your venue looks amazing!

  2. Gorgeous Claire!
    You are beautiful and you designed your dress?! Just lovely!
    I love the photos of your rings in the plant...creative!
    Everything looks perfect!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xo


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