Monday, December 24, 2012

This Weekend, I... v.4

This is my first link-up after the wedding.  My last seems centuries ago.   I miss my blogger friends.  I miss posting every day and I miss linking up but my schedule has not allowed me to do much blogging since the middle of November.

I am just so happy today that I can do this quick post right before I dress up for the midnight mass.

This weekend, I had lunch with my family at Romulo's. My sister and her husband wanted to check out the place because they were planning to hold the reception for their son's christening there.  Romulo's is a quiet restaurant tucked away in the corner of  Sct.Tuazon and Dr. Lazcano St.  in Timog.

The food was delish! Here are some of those we ordered that day.

Here's my mom and me.  

My sister's baby. He slept all throughout lunch.

my two boys
This weekend, I went shopping for gifts.  Yes, I just did it this weekend.  I really had no time to do it before and I was so surprised it's already the fourth week of advent! Good thing, I only planned to give gifts to the most important people in my life --my family.

This weekend, I went grocery shopping with my son and Ruel.  We shopped for our Noche Buena feast. Not a fun thing to do because planning a big dinner feast is really not my thing.  Plus, everything was just so expensive! That greatly added to why it was not fun at all!

So that's my weekend.  How was yours? Link up at Sar's.

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