Saturday, December 15, 2012

A New Family Member

I once told you that big changes were going to happen in my life and my son's before this year ends.  One of the reasons is my wedding and another one is that I'll be an aunt and my son is going to have a cousin from my side. He has cousins from his dad's side but they live far away in Mindanao.  So they don't really make such an impact in my son's life.  

But this cousin will.  His name is Manuel Emilio. He got his name from his father who is also named Manuel.
Here is my son ( His name is Manuel Fernando. He got his name from my dad and from his dad's dad. And no, Manuel is not the most common Filipino name. In fact I only personally know four people who are named Manuel. And they are the ones in my family.)

Here is Baby Manuel in the arms of my husband who loves babies sooo much!

See him drink his milk from a cup.  My sister does not have enough milk so sometimes he drinks formula but the doctor does not want the baby to drink from a bottle.

So there you have it, a new addition to our family.  I have been so busy....sleeping only for four or five hours a day.  So you have to forgive me if I have been remiss in my posts.


  1. Babies are just so darn cute!!! Congrats on your new nephew. I'm a new member of your awesome blog.


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