Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope all of you are having a fun and joyful Christmas with your family.

I had a busy Christmas Eve. I started cooking our Noche Buena feast at around 10 am and finished at 8:00 pm. I just had enough time to dress up for the midnight mass at the chapel a block away from our house.

Here I am with my son in front of the Belen or Nativity Scene after the midnight mass.

with Ruel

 We celebrated Noche Buena together with my parents and uncle who came to our house for the feast.  It was the first Christmas Eve I didn't celebrate with my sister. :(

One of  the things I gave my son for Christmas....a pair of Converse rubber shoes with comics design. He collects comic books.
 Ruel, Toots and I went to Bulacan on Christmas Day to celebrate Christmas with Ruel's parents and his brother.

    We left Bulacan at 4pm and went straight to my sister's house to have dinner there.
Here I am with my son, my sister and my baby nephew.

   We went back to our home at past 9pm.  You can bet we were exhausted....exhausted but soooo full!

It was a happy Christmas, filled with changes and yet a happy one.

How was your Christmas?  I wish you all the best --- peace, love and joy!

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