Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2nd Liebster Award ....2nd of four posts

This is my second post on my second Liebster Award.  Today, I will be answering Jovell's questions.

1. Dog or Cat? Why?

I've always loved dogs!  

This is Chelsea, our dog.

Cats are beautiful creatures but sometimes I look at their eyes and I think that they're plotting something sinister about me.  Weird huh? That's just what I think.  They do have beautiful eyes.

2. What's the best lesson you learned in school?

I can pretty much do anything if I put my mind to it.
Nothing is difficult if you believe that everything is easy.

3. What quote do you hold dear to your heart?

There are so many!

But here's one of them:

"Blind unbelief is sure to err
and scan His work in vain;
God is His own interpreter
and He will make it plain."

4. Who's your favorite "hunk" actor?

I don't think I have any....

I'll just go with favorite actor:  Tom Welling when he's Clark Kent.  I think he is so cute and sooooo Supermanly (!!!) without a cape.

5.Fiction or non-fiction?

Definitely fiction!

I do enjoy non-fiction too but I can't live without fiction!

6. What do you deeply wish for in your life?

I'll say what I wish for at this moment:  that I had enough money to be a stay-at-home-mom.

7. What is the most favorite dish of your family that you've cooked for them?

My family does not have any favorite dish but there's a a dessert that's always present in our gatherings and that's leche flan.  I've cooked that for them. Our recipe is super.

8. What is love?

Love is sacrificing your own happiness and welfare for the happiness and welfare of the one you love.

9. What's your favorite cartoon?

I don't think I have any.   Am I boring?

10. What's the thing that you dread most?

natural disasters, fires, floods and explosions

There's two more upcoming posts for the Liebster Award ....my nominations will be on the fourth.


  1. hi claire! thanks for taking some time off your busy schedule to answer my questions. It's nice to get to know you more. I love dogs too, they're so cuddly and your dog looks sooo beautiful! I have the same perspective of love...it just won't be love for me as well if we can't even sacrifice a little of ourselves for those we love. And since your bragging about your "leche flan" I hope you'll share your SUPER recipe with us soon :)

  2. Your dog is adorable! :-)

    I wish I had enough money to be a stay at home mom as well. That would be an amazing job. :-)


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