Friday, October 5, 2012

You Know You're a Teacher If.....

You know you're a teacher if..... say the words "Quiet please" and "Go back to your chair" too many times in a day;
.... you stay up late computing grades and writing lesson plans;
... .you work even on Saturdays and Sundays;
.... you go around  your workplace with chalk dust on your pants;
.... you cry out of pride when someone else's child graduates or gets an award;
.... your legs and feet ache too much at the end of the day for standing way too loooooooong;
.... your sense of achievement comes from seeing someone else's child learn to read or write;

.... when your table looks like this on Teachers' Day!

      Happy World Teachers' Day to all teachers!

     I hope you enjoyed your day like I did.   

     I had a slice of chocolate cake....

                                                               got some gifts and lovely letters,

received some flowers and chocolates,

                                                                                         more chocolates...

                                                                                                   and more chocolates!

I'll probably end up with no teeth if I eat everything.  

But I won't....Ruel, my son and my parents all love chocolates.

I'll be sharing everything with them, specially with my mom.  It's her day too!  She's a retired teacher.


  1. I wish my desk looked like that! Happy Teacher's Day! Yesterday was a super long day/night at school (in heels) and by the time I got in bed, everything ached. Oy.

  2. Happy Teacher's Day!! Enjoy all of your goodies! :-)


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