Monday, October 15, 2012

This Weekend I...

Hello friends!  It feels like forever since I published my last post and I am truly sorry for that!

I have been terribly busy with my wedding preparations and work. .....well, honestly, I think it's work that has kept me from updating this blog.  Things in school are pretty hectic and that would be the case till the end of this week.  Ooooh! I just hope that Friday would hurry.

Oh well....I won't dwell on the school stuff because just thinking about it makes my head hurt.  

Let me tell you what I did this weekend instead as I link up with Syndal and Sar.

This weekend I....

1. finally attended a half-day Pre-Cana seminar which ironically, was held at the church where my first 
    wedding was held.   It felt a little weird but other than that, I enjoyed the seminar.  I've always been 
   an attentive student.

    There were around twenty other couples who attended the seminar with us.  After the seminar, we 
    were all given a booklet about love and a printout of useful tips on how to have a happy marriage.

our pre-cana certificate
2. Ruel and I went to the Manila office of Ibarras to finalize everything that we had to finalize regarding the venue and the food.  We also decided on our cake which is going to be just simple with green and pink flowers.  

It was actually I who did most of the talking and Ruel complained that the meeting was even longer than our Pre-Cana seminar.  Of course, I think he was just exaggerating but I admit we spent probably around three hours or more in that office.

3.  went to Mass with my son, which is actually a weekly practice for us.  Breakfast at McDonalds came aftewards and a trip to the bookstore.

4.  cried watching a local movie about a man who was sick and died during his honeymoon.  Depressing!

5. cried again watching Life of an Icon on DVD.  I watched this with my son who is an avid fan of Michael Jackson.

6. made this as a pen holder for my wish tree.

it's made from sandwich spread glass container, lace that I bought and some sequins which  I had in stock

So, that's basically my weekend, less the part where I worked on my work requirements.

Now, it's time to go back to them..... :(


  1. I may have to watch that Life of an Icon movie....I am a HUGE Michael Jackson fan!

  2. Love the pen holder! It looks great!

    Yaaaaaaaaaaay for almost being married!


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