Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lucky to have him

I must admit that there are times I still act like a child.

Ruel, Toots and I were on our way to Bulacan to visit Ruel's parents this morning when we stopped at a drugstore to buy some medicine.

Ruel found an ice cream station and asked me if I wanted some Magnum.  I said no.  He reasoned that they would give us a free notebook if we bought three.

I needed a meeting notebook so I agreed.

When the ice cream and the notebook were given to us, my son took the notebook and there, I decided (well, not intentionally) to act like a 14-year-old.  

My son and I started arguing about who should have the notebook.  He said he was going to use it for drawing and I told him I would just buy him a drawing notebook. Still, he wouldn't give in. He complained that drawing notebooks didn't have hard covers.  

So Ruel said he would just buy me a notebook.  I argued that unlined notebooks like the free one they gave were rare.  

My 14-year-old son and I continued to have our debate for at least 20 minutes.

Upon reaching another gas station, Ruel stopped to look for an ice cream station.  When he came back, he had ice cream for the three of us and a notebook for me!  Awwww!  Isn't my husband so sweet?

Yes, I am ashamed of my behavior and I shouldn't be writing about it.  But you wouldn't know how great my husband is if I didn't.

So that's what today's post is all husband putting up with my childishness and him making sure I am happy all the time.

Am I lucky or what?

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  1. You are so lucky to have a husband like that!

    I have a husband who puts up with my constant worrying and occasional 'soapbox' moments when I get really opinionated about something!

    Molly xo


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