Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tweny simple pleasures

We often try to find pleasure in complicated things or in things that require us to spend so much.  We forget that a lot of life's pleasures are actually inexpensive or free.

Here's my list of simple pleasures.

1. reading and finishing a good book
2. snuggling in bed with a special someone (my child or my hubby)
3. waking up late on a lazy day (how I love that!)
4. watching the sky turn into different shades of orange, pink, and red on a clear afternoon
5. gazing up at a starlit sky
6. tickles!!!
7. a kiss from my child...
8. and a totally different kind of kiss from my husband
9. waking up to this

10. performing in front of an audience

11. watching and listening to my son play the violin

12. eating ice cream with someone I love

13. petting or playing with my doggie

14. listening to other people praise my son

15. looking at flowers

16. interacting with birds

17. dressing up

18. decorating the house

19. looking at old photographs

20. playing with babies

and the list goes on and on.


  1. Awww that list had so many of my favorite things to do. Sometimes we just fail to realize all the precious moments we experience everyday. Those moments are what makes life so special and beautiful.

  2. I felt so serene reading this as all the things on your list I agree with - although I do not have children yet but will look forward to those experiences you listed!


  3. Love your's so great to appreciate and be grateful for the simple joys in life.
    I hope you are able to do at last a few of these today!
    Blessings ;)

    All my heart,
    Deborah xo

  4. Your list brought a smile to my heart! What a great reminder to make a list of all those very important but "simple" pleasures! They do surround us and are not joyful for the moments but for ever always!

  5. This is a lovely list! You're right, there's so many inexpensive and simple thing in life that makes us happy :) Thanks for sharing!


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