Thursday, August 8, 2013

A balanced mix

Day 8: Who are you most like? Your mom or your dad?

In more ways than one, I am like my mom.   I look a lot like her.  I enjoy looking for mistakes in grammar. I'm scared of unfamiliar things and  I hate taking risks.  I love folk dance and folk music.  I enjoy the finer things in life.   I like teaching literature and I can quote lines from famous literary works at the drop of a hat.

In many ways I am also like my dad.  I like to argue, and I believe I can argue my way out of anything.  I can be a difficult customer, knowing fully well that I have every right to get my money's worth.  I can get very passionate about things, specially about things I believe in.  I love arts and culture and I find history fascinating.  I like dancing and singing and I love the audience's attention. I have the confidence to commit to things I have never done before. I love to write and I can write well when I have the time. My elbows, my toes, are things I also got from my dad.

So I guess I am actually a balanced mix of my mom and my dad.  However, I am also my own person, there are things I can do, things that I like, traits that I have which  didn't not come from either of them.

Who are you most like? Your mom or your dad?


  1. Such a lovely post!

    I look more like my father (very similar to his mother) but have mannerisms similar to my mother. I think I am a balance too but probably have more of my Mum's imfluences!


  2. So you look like your grandma! :) Isn't it fun to think about who you're more like? Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Awwww what a sweet post Claire!
    Your parents are darling ;)
    I'd have to say that I'm like both of my parents in every way and then my own personal self added into the mixture.
    I can see qualities that I have that are in mom and in my dad.
    I know one thing...they are my parents AND my dear them so much!
    Hugs and a wish for a happy day to you!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xo


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