Monday, February 4, 2013

This Weekend, I... v. 9

It's been a tiring Monday.  I didn't have any break time between classes because I was buried in paperwork! We are going to have our ISO audit tomorrow so everyone was just super busy. Many of us were not able to take our lunch anymore.

I wouldn't have liked this day if not for our Beauty and the Beast rehearsal.  It's really funny what theater can do to me.  No matter how ugly a day has been, if it ends with a rehearsal, it still turns out to be a beautiful day!  

Anyway, I am here to link up with Syndal and Sar for a recap of the recent weekend.

Saturday morning, Ruel took me to school early. I had to be there at 5 am.  We were celebrating the feast of the Presentation of Our Lord with a dawn Rosary procession which was followed by a celebration of the Holy Mass at the university chapel.  Teachers, parents and students attended the celebration of the feast.

 Ruel picked me up after the Mass, and gave me his gift for our 2nd month as Mr. and Mrs.  It was an original DVD copy of the 25th anniversary concert of Les Miserables!  I've been "coveting" my sister's copy for almost two years now.  So you can just imagine how wide my smile was when I saw what was inside the gift bag.  

We went home, had breakfast, then watched the concert with my son, Toots.  I sang  throughout the whole concert.  My voice is not really of very good qualiy but Ruel sat with me and bore my singing.  How sweet right?

Right after the concert ended, I took my second bath for the day, dropped off my son at a nearby mall where he was meeting with his dad, and then hurried off to school again for our Beauty and the Beast song practice.  It made me very happy.  

a happy me during the ride to school

Here is our pianist and our Belle.  She's making faces here. She's a lot prettier in person.

Sunday was uneventful. We just went to Mass with my parents-in-law and watched the 10th anniversary concert of Les Miserables....yes, I know.  I actually watched it every day for one month when I was eight months pregnant with my son.  That was 13 years ago.

We wanted to visit my nephew but he was out "malling" with his parents.  Oh well....maybe next weekend.  

I want a baby sooooo much!

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