Monday, February 18, 2013

What I've Been Up To

I'm back!  I haven't posted anything for a week. ...thanks to the different roles I have to play.  I  am amazed at  how the other bloggers can do all the things they do.  They cook, they make crafts, take care of babies, play wife, decorate and still have time to do awesome posts.  I am honestly having a hard time trying to juggle all the roles I have to play.

But for tonight, I am back to tell you what has been happening with my life lately.

Last Tuesday, the university chorale and I performed "Be Our Guest" at Robinson's Magnolia.    It's for the launching of a store opened by the students taking entrepreneur class.  The four days leading up to this event were quite stressful for me because I was requested to choreograph the whole performance, teach it to the college chorale and make sure that we could all perform it well after just a very short period of time.

I received a dozen roses from my husband last Valentine's Day.  We just had a simple dinner with my son, and my parents.  Post Valentine's Day date soon!

This Saturday was the first lazy Saturday I've had in like four months!  I just spent my time watching DVD with my boys, lying in bed, and just doing nothing.  I was soooooo happy!

Sunday was not so busy either.  I watched my son play hoops with Ruel and my brother-in-law after the morning Mass and we visited my baby nephew in the afternoon.

I wish next weekend would be like the last....but we already have things scheduled.  Oh well....maybe the week after next.

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