Monday, February 25, 2013

This weekend, I...v. 11

Here's another link-up with Syndal and Sar for a recap of my weekend.  

This weekend, I had the opportunity of seeing our students interact and play with some public school students (these are students who come from poor communities, who go to school often without snacks, without shoes, without paper and pencil) in our yearly outreach.  Some may actually think that this is a great and noble activity but honestly, I don't know what to think. I am inclined to think that the private school children are the ones who benefit so much from this activity rather than the supposed beneficiaries.  For some reason, I think that the public school children upon being exposed to the school of the ones far richer than they are would somehow come out of the experience with a lower self-esteem.

This weekend, Ruel and I went to our photographer to check the layout of our wedding album. We are going to make some minor changes so it would take probably a month before we could get the final product.

This weekend, Ruel, my son and I went to Mall of Asia for the 4th Pyromusical Competition.  There was heavy traffic the whole time we were on the road and it took us around two hours to get there!  Apparently, all the cars who were with us on the road were all going to the show too!

The mall was crowded and the venue for the display was packed with families and couples on a date.  The minute the show started, I realized that we should have gotten the VIP tickets.  Our silver tickets did not allow us to see what was happening on the water.  All we could see was what was going on up in the sky.  Oh, well...maybe next time.

The competition last Saturday was between Spain and Taiwan.  I have captured a little of Spain's display on video.  I hope you enjoy it. Just click on it below.  The last few seconds of this video is really nice.

I totally enjoyed the show.  Had it not been for the traffic going to the venue and the big crowd at the venue itself, I'd plan to go every Saturday until all the participating countries had presented.

We had a quiet, uncomfortable dinner after the show.  The pizza and the puttanesca we had were delightful but somehow we didn't enjoy it. Don't ask me why.

Sunday was uneventful  and just the way I wanted it to be, except for the fact that Ruel was in Bulacan and Toots and I were here in Manila. I love relaxing Sundays.


  1. Hi Claire..
    Looks like you had a busy weekend. The Pyromusical Competition sounds interesting & hope you can share your wedding album when its ready :D


    1. Hi Witha. I have already shared a lot of wedding pics here. If you want to see some of them, click here Enjoy the pics!

    2. Witha, I can't access your blog posts. Why is that? I can go to your blog but all I see is the wall paper.


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