Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Big Disappointment

I started the day happy, looking forward to our Beauty and the Beast rehearsal.

I left school sad and disappointed.  The rehearsal was supposed to start at 5:30.  I was at the theater at   5.  The cast started to arrive at 6pm but we weren't complete till it was 6:30.  By then, the organizers of the play arrived and gathered everyone for a meeting.

A lot of us were asked about how we felt about the play.  (We just started practising two weeks ago and we only have a month before the staging.) A lot of the ones asked said they were afraid we wouldn't be able to stage a good show.

To cut the long story short, we were told that the staging was going to be postponed till August of next school year.

The problem is I am not even sure I will be staying in the same school next year.  Or if I did stay, what if I get pregnant in the next few days?

So as you can imagine I went home really sad.  I mean, I shouldn't stay in a school only because of a play, right?  There has to be a better reason than that.  And then, there's the baby issue.  I have to get pregnant really soon because I am getting old.

Oh these are just my thoughts today.  I hope you had a nicer day.

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  1. I hope a new baby will come soon. Looks like you're excited to have another one. Don't lose heart about the play. You can try other hobby like photography..


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