Saturday, December 26, 2015

What Christmas Looked Like this Year

This is the day after Christmas.  I woke up late due to the fact that I slept at past 2 am last night or should I say this morning? I spent half of my waking hours in bed and the other half of it looking for a new phone case and protector.

So I guess you have an idea of what I got for Christmas.  Yes, I have a new phone!  A new phone isn't usually a big deal for me unlike for most people.  It's just that my iPhone was stolen a few weeks before Christmas and I have been using an old Nokia phone since then.  

Anyway, it's 12:21 am and I am now in danger of waking up too late again for the 9am Mass later but I just wanted to give you an idea of what Christmas looked like for me this year.

Christmas Eve with my favorite nephew, Emilio

My son opening the present given by my sister.
I wasn't able to take a picture of my son and the present we gave him. But he loved it because it was a new guitar.
caldereta, crispy pata, herbed chicken, shrimp pesto, leche flan, buko pandan -- unbelievably yummy meal I prepared for Noche Buena Feast, shared with my sister's family, our parents and my in-laws.

We woke up early the next day so we could attend the 10:30 mass. We had to be at the church one hour before because the bishop of the diocese was the celebrant and we figured we wouldn't have a parking space if we arrived just in time.

Hunnybed, Toots, Dad and I then drove to SM Aura after the mass to watch Star Wars because my son and Hunnybed wanted to watch it badly. While waiting for the showing, we shared a chocolate cake at Mary Grace to celebrate Sofia's 8th month in Heaven.

It was my first time to see a Star Wars episode. It was okay but I don't understand the fuss about it.

We dropped by Shangri-La Hotel for a late night tea before going home.
Christmas Day at Mary Grace and Shangri-La Hotel Edsa
My son, with Star Trek's android.  Don't know its name even after watching the movie with my son, Ruel and my dad yesterday.  Sorry, Star Trek fans....
So you see, Christmas Day was different this year because this is the first Time we went to see a movie on Christmas Day.

And this is me, with my newly opened gift.

So that's how my Christmas looked like.  How did yours?

Have a blessed season everyone!


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