Saturday, March 30, 2013

Counting Blessings v. 2

It's the night before Easter. Over the last few days, we have been reflecting on our lives, on what we have done, on what we have failed to do  and on the goodness and love of God.

As always, I realized that despite my weaknesses and failures, God has been so good to me and is always blessing me and my family.  So I have decided to do a weekly count of my blessings.  I have done a post entitled Counting Blessings some months ago but starting today, I will do it on a weekly basis, lest I forget how generous God is.  

Here we go....

1. Ruel arrived safely from Vietnam.  
    And though he had just given me these from his trip to Thailand two weeks ago,

    He still gave me something from Duty Free.  I bought a shirt by esprit and some Victoria Secret.


2.  I got a free diamond peel treatment from the mother of a former student of mine.  I accompanied my friend, Angel to the skin clinic three days ago.  She was going to have a facial.  I didn't know that I was going to have a nice surprise.   The receptionist asked who Ms. Fernandez was and Angel said it was me, and I was so surprised to hear that I had a free diamond peel treatment.  So, who was I to say no to such a blessing , right?

3. Emilio, my baby nephew has now started babbling and now loves to lie on his stomach.

4. I did the Stations of the Cross with my son, husband and parents on Good Friday.  And after that, I treated them to a simple but yummy lunch.  Since it was Holy Week, we had to keep it simple and light.  It  consisted of fish, veggies and noodles.  It feels good to know that I can do this once in a while for them.   

There are so many other things that I consider as blessings, like my life and those whom I love, our safety and our health.   These three will always remain as the most important blessings and which I do not need to mention.


  1. Hi Lauren. This is a way of exfoliating the skin. Dead skin cells are peeled off using small diamond chips.


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