Saturday, November 21, 2015

Why I Blog

Bloggers blog for different reasons.  Some blog because they have a business and they want to establish some sort of online presence.  Some blog to build a reputation as an expert of something.  Some blog because they love to write and blogging is a cheap way to publish written work.  Some do it because they plan to monetize their blog and still,  some do it just for fun, to share experiences, to document their life.

I have five reasons for blogging. 

1. I used to keep a secret notebook when I was a teenager.. a diary which I fondly called Dyna.  I pretended it was a person and I would share with her my longings and innermost thoughts which were usually about my non-existent lovelife.  I miss expressing myself the way I did to Dyna and so I blog.  The only difference now is that Dyna has somehow become real.  She is each and every one of you who come here, browse and read whatever it was I wished to share for the day.  Dyna now "talks" to me, in every comment, every email  I get from my readers.  And now, I have twice the fun.

2. I like telling stories and sharing my experiences.  I see people on Facebook with long status messages about their experiences during the day,  And frankly, it's one of the things that annoys me,specially when they would replay conversations they had with their students or young children in a dialogue format (Hey, don't judge me here....different things annoy different people for some reason that usually can't be explained).  Since I don't want to do what they're doing on FB, I blog.  I blog to tell my stories to people who are interested to know.  I thought, I shouldn't  be flooding other people's news feeds with things they couldn't care less about, that I should write in my own space and if  my friends really cared enough about my days and really wanted to know what's going on in my life, then they'd come visit this place, and "open" The Secret Notebook.  Then  I'd know that  I'm sharing my experiences  only to those who are interested.

3.  I believe that things we read affect us in one way or another.  If they don't change the way we think, the way we do things or the way see the world, they will surely make us think, ask questions, or in the least, make us smile.  And I love that knowledge, that this blog has probably inspired someone, or has probably made someone see the world differently, has somehow made someone ask a question, or has warmed someone's heart.  I just love the thought that somewhere, somehow, another person from another part of the world reads about my life and is able to relate to it.

4. Blogging is my way of documenting not just my thoughts but my life.  Sometimes I want to remember how I felt about things that happened in my life and my blog is here to remind me.  All I have to do is  go through the archives.  Sometimes, I want to remember what happened on a specific day and I just have to come here and my notebook would tell me the story.   

5.  You probably know about the letters I write to my sweet Sofie.  I blog to send her my letters.  This blog is not only a document of my thoughts and my life. It now serves as something like a portal to Heaven where I can send letters and Sofia can get them.  I have been using this blog long enough to send these letters that when my letters become far in between, my mind actually reminds me that Sofia is waiting for a letter.

These are the reasons I blog.  What are yours?  I hope that if you haven't started blogging, this post will help convince you that you should try blogging yourself.

Happy Blogging!


  1. We have similar reasons for blogging. I love blogging - especially when I can put into words what I feel - again, especially those I can't say in real life. Although I do have fears. I fear that I be judged for what I write and how I view things. It's nice to know new perspectives now and then but we all know that there are those who read just for the sake of looking for something wrong in what you write or what you do. But I guess that's part of the whole blogging thing. I really love reading your entries Ms. Claire! Blog on!

    Gab <3

    1. Same here, Gab. I'm also somewhat afraid of people judging my opinions and that is one reason I seldom post about sensitive issues. There are people online who use foul language in their comments or those who seem to always be looking for a debate and I don't like the stress that their kind can give me.

    2. Why can't I access your blog?

  2. I love your letters to dear Sofia they are so wonderful and lovely to read, I blog for similar reasons. I know I do reviews now and then but mostly it's just life stuff with my children x

    1. Thanks, Hannah. Although the letters are really more for Sofia, I am glad that you enjoy reading them.

  3. I love this! You have some wonderful reasons to keep coming back here.


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