Sunday, February 2, 2014

Just Being Sentimental

I was in the middle of making a somewhat negative post about our recent trip to HK when I stumbled upon a story which I thought was worth sharing.  In fact, it inspired me so much that I opted to abandon the post I was making and to just start a new one.

This story was shared on Facebook by someone I knew in grade school.

She said that one time she was grilling some barbecues with her dad, her dad explained to her the difference between heaven and hell.

In hell, where it is always too hot, people keep grilling barbecues.  In heaven, people eat cotton candies and the barbecues that the people in hell had grilled.

And then upon seeing a street child outside their yard,  her dad stood up and gave the child a stick of barbecue.  Then he went back to her daughter, smiled, and said, "Heaven."

I bet my classmate is real proud of her dad and of the memories he left her with.

I stared at her facebook post for quite sometime, reflecting on how I spend time with my son and on the kind of things I'm able to teach him, on the kind of memories he has of me in his memory bank.

My son is now 14 years old and I want to be able to give him more than I have ever given him.  I wish and  I pray that God will give me the strength, the good health, and needed resources to build many more memories with my son and that He will shower me with wisdom and grace to teach my son through my words and actions the things that I want him to learn.

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  1. That is the greatest wish and legacy a parent wants for their children. I am sure you will, and have, provided some wonderful memories and life lessons for your son.


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