Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Favorite Memory -- Day 5 of 100-Day Photo Challenge

I know I said that I was doing a 100-day photo challenge and you might be wondering how I can be on day 5 when I haven't posted anything for day 3 and day 4.  I didn't like the prompts for those days so I just decided to skip them.

Today's prompt is a picture of your favorite memory.  I have more than just one favorite memory but I have chosen this to share with you today.

This is a photo of my first dawn as Mrs. Ruel Remo.  I can't remember why we woke up at around 4am that day but I was glad we did because we woke up to this!  Our suite had big glass windows and had almost a 360-degree view of the Taal Lake and Taal Volcano and the view was stunning!  Who could continue sleeping after seeing this?! I had to stand up and take this photo from inside the glass window.

Ruel and I watched the movie, Tangled after staring at the view for some time.  And you could just imagine how it was --  the song, I See the Light was playing, a beautiful dawn was breaking right in front of me and Ruel, and all the while, I was in his embrace!   I felt so happy and blissful.

And after thirty minutes to an hour, the sun finally rose! A brilliant sunrise signalling a new day, a new and brighter life -- the first day of our happy-ever-after!

It was a happy morning filled with love and hope for the future.

What's your favorite memory?

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