Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Photo of Yourself with 10 Facts - 100 Day Photo Challenge

I am doing a photo challenge that one of my friends suggested for me to do.  And today's prompt is :
A Photo of Yourself with 10 Facts.

I have very few solo pics taken recently and none of them is worth sharing so forgive me if I post something taken four years ago.

Here are ten facts that most people don't know about me:

1. I love posing in front of the camera.
2. At present,  I have four with us and three with God and I am proud of all of them.
3. I love history and everything about it.
4. I am a frustrated theater actress.
5.  I love the bright lights of the stage.
6. I would have been a lawyer, had I not decided to teach kids.
7.  I worry about going home alone at night.
8.  I was once a shy and timid little girl.
9.  I am very stubborn.
10.  I love lazy days.


  1. Lovely idea I must find this prompt. We have many things common on this list, I think is lovely you teach children so rewarding x

    1. I can send you the prompts via email if you want. For some reason, I cannot paste it here. :(

    2. That's a shame would love them so yea cupcakemumma@ thanks Claire x

    3. Hannah, I have just sent you the prompts via email. Sorry, it took a bit long. I have just read your last comment here.


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