Sunday, September 27, 2015

Twelfth Letter to Sofia

My dear sweet Sofie,

We celebrated your fifth month last Friday.  It was a non-working holiday so Daddy, Kuya and I were free to celebrate it any way we wanted.  And this time, we decided to go to Tagaytay.  This is Mommy's favorite place.  I've been there so many times since I was in sixth grade but I am still fascinated with the beauty of the place.  How I wish we could take you there so you could see the small volcano in the middle of the lake!  Mommy can spend hours just staring at it and will  never get tired.  If you were anything like me, I know it could have easily become your favorite place too.  I love this place so much that Daddy and I decided to hold our wedding in this town.

Tagaytay is only less than two hours drive from where we live if traffic is not so heavy. So, whenever there's time and budget, we usually go there to eat and enjoy the cooler climate. Last Friday, however, being a non-working holiday, the traffic was especially heavy so our stomachs could not wait until we got there to eat our lunch.  We had lunch instead  at a fast food more than a couple of towns away from Tagaytay.  We just had dessert at the Taal Vista Hotel where we bought you the pretty Hello Kitty cupcake.

For ourselves, we ordered tea and two orders of this delicious strawberry cheesecake.

My dear Sofie, I miss you so much!  Lately, I have been seeing a lot of baby girls and they all remind me of you and what I have lost.  I know I haven't lost you and I never will but what I've lost is the opportunity to dress you up in pinks and yellows, to buy you the hair accessories I have always planned on buying for you, to play with you, dance with you and sing with you, to tickle you and laugh with you, to share secrets with you when you're older, and all the things that moms and daughters do together.  These are the things I have lost and they are a lot.  Most of all, I have lost the chance to get to know the beautiful and wonderful creature that you are.

I love you so much!!!

Flying hugs and kisses to Heaven,

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