Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fifth Letter to Sofie

Dearest Sofia,

Today, I caught myself humming a tune in the bathroom. I literally stopped when I realized it. Are you happy for me, baby? Don't worry, even if Mommy can sing again, it doesn't mean that she has forgotten all about you. No, you are always in my thoughts, in my heart.  You are the first thing that enters my mind in the morning and the last that I think about when I go to sleep at night.  I will carry you in my heart as long as I live, until we meet again. The fact that I can hum again simply means that I am slowly regaining my strength to live and to continue with life, for Kuya's sake and for Daddy's too. They need me too and I wouldn't be any fun or wouldn't be of any use to them if I continued to walk like a zombie just as I have done for the past month.  My life is sad because you're not here with us.....with me, but I have happy moments because Kuya and Daddy are here with me.  And hopefully, soon, I will have a normal and healthy baby girl, not to replace you, never to replace you my darling Sofie...but only to have another baby to love here on earth, and only for your kuya to have someone to look after, to love, and to love him back, and only for Daddy to have someone he can truly call his own here on earth.

We celebrated your forty days in heaven yesterday. Mommy and Daddy offered a Mass for you and we all attended it, Mommy, Daddy, Kuya, Lolo, and Lola . We had a simple dinner celebration after that at home.

Please continue praying for our family. Help us be good so we can all join you one day in heaven.

I love you very much, my darling Sofie.  You are always in my heart.

Flying kisses to heaven and lots of flying hugs too.

Love always,

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