Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Second Letter to Sofie

Dearest Sofie,

Last Sunday was Mother's Day.  Daddy gave me two boxes of my favorite chocolates.
We had a simple lunch celebration with you grandparents and cousins in your Dadddy's side and a simple early dinner celebration with your brother and  grandparents, aunt and cousin in my side. But what I wanted most was you back with me. It was a sad Mother's Day because I couldn't have what I wanted most.

Daddy has gone to work. While I watched him go to his car, I thought how different it would have been if you were here to wave goodbye to him every time he would go to work, how different it would have been for him if he had you here waiting for him every time he arrived home. His days (and mine) would have been a lot happier.

It would be wonderful if you can help us beg God to give us a healthy and normal baby girl who we can love and who can love us until such time we see you again in heaven.  Tell God to make Mommy healthy enough to make a beautiful, healthy and normal baby girl, to keep Daddy healthy and strong so he could provide for us and to keep Kuya healthy too so he can help us care for your baby sister when the right time comes.

I think of you every day.  I miss you every day. I love you wih every beat of my heart.

Remember me always.

Flying kisses to heaven.

Love always,

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