Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Vigelante in Training

I've always had a tendency to be addicted to television series.

When  I was in high school I got addicted to MacGyver.  I could never go out Saturday night because I didn't want to miss an episode.  If I did go out, I'd make sure that I was home on time for the show.

When I was in college, it was Homefront.  They showed season 2 at twelve midnight so my sister and I used to sleep early, then set our alarm at 12 so we could wake up and watch the show.

When I was already working, it was Felicity.  My sister was lucky to eat at Dean & Deluca in New York City.  I recently saw a Dean & Deluca soon-to-open shop nearby and I promised myself I'd go there once it opens.

Seven years ago, it was Smallville.  I'd go on marathons and look for youtube fan-made videos of Lana and Clark.

Just recently, I got addicted to Arrow because of Felicity.  The first time Felicity appeared in the show, I got a feeling she would be perfect for Oliver and all her silly mumblings about Oliver, and being his girl, are just too cute for me that I can't help but to follow the show and see what's in store for the two of them.  So, I'm usually searching for fan-made videos again, this time, OLICITY videos.  :)

Last weekend, I tried something I would never have tried had I not been a fan of Olicity.

It was so exhausting because of the bow's weight but I had a lot of fun playing with my Hunny Bed.  We agreed that it wasn't the last time.  We'd be back with my son, Toots, who has an addiction to superheroes.

We had dinner afterwards in a nearby mall.  The decors were so pretty, I couldn't resist the photo opportunity.

Let's all enjoy the holidays!!!


  1. I can imagine how painful archery can be on the arms after a while. For me, my fingers were sore. Maybe I wasn't doing it right. Initially I thought it was Hunger Games that inspired you. I haven't watched The Arrow much but because of one episode where The Flash appeared, I started watching The Flash regularly.


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