Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy Update

Happy 2015!

I have been away for a long time. Work and family gatherings have kept me busy since December.
If you're wondering what happened while I was away, let me give you some idea.

We visited my favorite place.  For most Filipinos who long for cold weather, Tagaytay is the best place near Manila to visit in December.

Look at the silvery lake! Isn't it pretty? It doesn't always look silvery though.  Sometimes the lake looks milky white to me.  No matter what it looks like this place always amazes me.  No matter how many times I have been there, it always feels like my first time!

We went there to celebrate our second wedding anniversary.  

A week after that was the 2nd birthday celebration of my nephew, Emilio.

   On the same day, my son had his violin recital.

Because Tagaytay's cold climate was too hard to resist, we went back there to celebrate the wedding anniversary of our parents on the 20th of December.

Dinner was followed by hot chocolate and pastries at the Taal Vista Hotel.

I totally regretted the fact that I only brought a shawl with me and I bet my dad also regretted wearing short pants. :)

   And of course, there was Christmas!

   All my wrapped gifts pale in comparison to the non-material gifts I received like the safety and health of my family and all the people I love...and of course, to God's surprise gift....
I had a positive pregnancy test on the 13th of December and although I was itching to tell all of you, I decided to wait till I saw a heartbeat. By the grace of God, my January 4 ultrasound showed a strong heartbeat of 145 per minute!  God is great and He has always been good to me although I don't often deserve His goodness and generosity.

I am anxious, worried and a bit scared.  But overall, I am happy and I trust that God will allow me to safely deliver a normal, strong and healthy baby.  I've been praying for a girl and I am claiming that. I hope that God will continue to bless me and my husband with good health and everything I need to provide a happy, comfortable life to my children, to raise them into loving Christians and faithful Catholics and to give them a good education and a bright future.  May God allow us to see them grow up to be decent and successful people, happy in their chosen vocation and satisfied with their careers.

I pray for a happy, safe, healthy and prosperous year for all of us! May God bless us all!


  1. I saw your title in my feed and just knew that you had some long awaited hapy news! I pray for all the same things as you, may you have a good pregnancy and a healthy baby. Your christmas looks wonderful too and happy anniversary xx

  2. I see it had been festive holidays and year end, but above all I am so happy for your wonderful news! Congrats for such a wonderful Christmas gift. :)

  3. oh I just saw this!! Thank God for this gift!
    I am so happy for you


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