Friday, April 11, 2014

Just some thoughts before I hit the hay

It's been quite some time since my last post.  My absence here isn't really due to inactivity in my life but due to the fact that I am still trying to finish my backlog from the previous school year.

It's really mind boggling for me, knowing that I do not rest during my breaks yet I still have a lot of work left undone! Right after one class, I go to the faculty room at once to check papers or books, and record them. Whatever time I have left is used for lesson planning which leads me to a question I'd like to ask other teachers out there. How long does it take you to write your lesson plan? My co-teachers and I need at least four hours to write a decent lesson plan. Our lesson plan format is quite complicated.  It takes me an hour just to get past the first page!

So anyway, today was card distribution day and I was so surprised to read the announcement.  Opening of classes is on June 4, 2014!!!  That's barely two months from now....and it doesn't mean that we'll be asked to report only on the fourth.  Chances are we'd be in school in the middle of May!!! Waaah!!!

I'm so in need of a vacation.  I just want to get away from all the stress and not think for a few days.  I hope I can do that this summer. Everyone on facebook seems to be going somewhere.  Sigh!

I went back to the doctor yesterday and I was advised to take 15 more tablets of Duphaston.  Pregnancy test will be on the 15th.

It's a warm night and I want something sweet and cold.   You know what will make me happy?

A glass of this!


  1. This is a good glimpse into the hard work of being a teacher that I was oblivious to. I used to think teachers had more vacations than most because when school's out, no classes meant no work. Boy was I wrong. :) The halo-halo is a great treat indeed.

  2. I used to be a teacher, and like you, I found that my 'spare' time was always used for work. In the end it gave me no life at all, and now that I have moved to America, I do not think I ever want to go back to it.

    It sounds like you really do need a break - I hope you get more opportunities to rest a bit!


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