Friday, April 25, 2014


I've been feeling a little down lately.  I've had two disappointments this month although I'm still kind of hoping that things would turn around at the last moment and I'd end up with only one disappointment after all.

I have not been feeling well physically either.  There's an on and off feeling of nausea.  It's been five days now.  I woke up at 8 am yesterday and when I stood up I felt like vomiting.   Today, there was just this general feeling of being unwell but I just can't seem to pinpoint what is wrong. I just like lying down all the time.

I suspect that my brain is making my body think it is pregnant.  I've heard of women having pregnancy symptoms just because they wanted to be pregnant and not because they were actually pregnant.  Well, all of these would have been worth it if I was.

My sister and her family are leaving for Australia for a three-week vacation tomorrow.  I'm sure I'm going to miss playing with little Emilio. I'd be back at work by the time they get back.

Meanwhile, I just have to get my body shrug off this "unreasonable" feeling and try to enjoy the rest of my summer break.

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