Wednesday, March 26, 2014

no time to think of a title for this post

Another batch of students has graduated.  

I'm filled with nostalgia because the high school graduates were my kids for four years before they went to high school and the grade school graduates have also been my kids for four years.

Many of them wrote me letters and gave me a copy of their graduation photo. Their letters were sweet and touching, just like this one below.

This girl has been close to me since she was four years old.

with my budding writers

with fellow teachers and our principal

How can a teacher let go of children she has treated like her own for many years?

I guess I can say they will always be a part of  me and I, them....and that's the beauty of being a teacher.  Your influence knows no boundaries, no limits, no time.


  1. It must be the most rewarding feeling to see your students, your kids in the classroom grow up before your eyes. Great congrats to you.

  2. So rewarding you do an amazing job. Ps best title ever ;-)


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