Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Taking Stock

I found this idea on Pip's blog. It looked fun so I decided to make one myself.

Making: a script for the field demonstration
Drinking: tea
Reading: The Christmas Ball
Wanting: a new camera and pants that fit
Looking: for more nice things to give this Christmas
Wasting: time
Wishing: for a baby girl
Enjoying: my new tablet
Waiting: for my salary
Liking: telenovelas
Wondering: what I'll get for Christmas
Loving: kindle
Hoping: I'll finish everything on time
Needing: more than just two weeks of Christmas break
Smelling: like Clinique in Bloom
Wearing: a thin sundress
Following: tight schedules
Noticing: the photographer my sister hired for my nephew's birthday party didn't take any shot of me
Knowing: I'm loved
Thinking: I should be working now
Feeling: tired but wonderful

Now, time to work!


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  2. Thank goodness for kindle and for a non-techie person, the tablet and touchscreen phones make me wonder how we lived without it.


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