Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday (Wedding) Thoughts

I'm sorry if my blog is just full of wedding thoughts nowadays.  I guess you can't really blame me....there are just three weekends before our big day.

Anyway, here are some more of these wedding thoughts....

My son is going to play the violin during the ceremony.  This makes me very happy and I think it will make the wedding extra special.  He and the pianist will be providing the musical accompaniment to the choir.

We got the flower girl gowns two days ago and had already delivered them.  I'm sorry I cannot show any pictures. I didn't take any as I'm a little superstitious.  Don't worry, I promise I will show everything after the big day.

We are finalizing the flowers on Saturday.   I haven't decided on the colors of my bouquet.  Can you please help me decide? Should it be fuschia pink, cotton candy pink, or these shades of pink and white?  My flower girls are wearing apple green (we couldn't find a carnation green material ) with fuchsia pink sash on the waist, our mothers are wearing cotton candy pink.

What do you think is a good color for my bouquet? Please help!


  1. For the bouquet, I always love a mix of colors. I think if you did a mix of those pinks with white, it would be gorgeous!

  2. I agree. A mix of pinks would look nice.


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